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Ease Back Into Neutrals.

Neutral design can be very exciting and challenging at the same time.  There are many ways to utilize neutral color pallets in your design project. Shades, tones, and tints create layers in the room or can be the backdrop of a variety of accent colors. 

Choose a monochromatic room setting.  That is the use of one color with different values of the color used throughout the room.   

Or perhaps, use many shades of neutrals and mix those elements together in the space to add interest:  a cream, a beige, with a dash of white.  

Don’t forget a personal favorite:  black.  Black works with everything!  Touches of black in a room accent any and all other colors. The new maximalist trend finds the walls painted black for a dramatic look. 

Texture.  Texture.  Texture.  When using a neutral palette, look to texture to add dimension to your design project.  Texture can be added with fabric, finish, or organic elements, such as wood. 

Grey entered the scene about 10 years ago, evolving into “greige.”  Greige is a warm grey that combines grey and beige. Or can go the other way, a warm neutral with an emphasis on the brown undertone paired with grey.  Coming full circle, Now we are seeing the resurgence of beige as the neutral of choice. 

Neutrals are in a stage of evolution.  Going beyond the white, cream, and grey, today’s neutrals have an undertone of other colors.  Green. Pink, Blue, Lavender, and more. 

Regardless of your style, remember to have fun!!! 

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