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Design Studio access is available now from Main Street and through a back door entrance. A parking lot is available directly behind the Studio, just off Broad Street.


Need help with your Hunter Douglas Custom Window Treatment?

In our absence, If you need a fast fix, please find these two options to have your questions answered. 

24/7 Hunter Douglas Consumer Support at (800) 789-0331.  Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm 

How to Change Batteries in PowerView Products

Most PowerView products ordered with a battery wand will require either eight or 12 AA alkaline batteries, depending on the specific order.

For detailed power source options and replacement instructions, consult your Installation, Operation & Care Guide.

PowerView shades are powered by placing AA batteries in series. To avoid damage, it’s crucial to ensure all batteries are installed in the correct direction.

The battery wand will have a graphic demonstrating the correct orientation.

Battery Installation



Note: The battery pack charging will damage a battery installed upside down.

Important Caution

Always replace dropped or damaged batteries. If batteries or the battery wand are dropped from the window installation height, they should be replaced.

Dropped batteries may have internal damage that is not visible, leading to leaks and reduced battery life.

Corrosion in Battery Wand

Corrosion can occur from dropping the battery wand or incorrect battery installation. If corrosion is found, contact us for a free replacement.

Identify your battery wand from this document and request the part here.

For additional assistance, contact Consumer Support at (800) 789-0331, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM ET.

Rapid Battery Drain in Shades

1) Frequency of shade operation

2) Type and size of the product

Battery life can be affected by several factors, including:

An average-sized shade (50” by 50”) with typical use (open and closed once a day) should last about a year. Larger shades used twice daily may last around three months.

Tip: Mark the date on the battery wand when changing batteries to track usage.

If you experience rapid battery drain, contact your installer or dealer. For additional support, call Consumer Support at

24/7 Hunter Douglas Consumer Support at (800) 789-0331.  Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Ready to drop your shade off for repair?

Repairs & Fast Fixes

  • We identify the treatment, and then The Blind Lady Custom Blinds calls for an RGA (repair number) from the manufacturer.
  • The client needs to clean the blind—ensure no dust or organic materials are on this shade. For protection, wrap it in plastic wrap or a bag. I recommend clear plastic kitchen wrap, not the sticky kind, which will leave residue on your window treatment.
  • Shipping to the manufacturer. The repair number must be on the outside of the box.
  • The client may send it directly to the manufacturer.
  • As a Courtesy, you may drop off your blind or shade at our store. Our shipping and receiving department will box up your treatment and drive it to FedEx for you.
  • Please leave a deposit to cover the shipping and repair at The Design Studio when you drop the shade off. Depending on a few factors from the deposit, you will be billed the remainder if the cost varies.
  • Have The Blind Lady pick up the treatment. There is a $99 trip charge. Please see below.
  • After we ship the blind back, the manufacturer generally sends the treatment back to you directly. It is also available for pickup at The Blind Lady Custom Blinds Design Studio and Store.

How It Works

If you have purchased a blind or shade from The Blind Lady, please read these directions and then call or email, and we will help you with your repair. We need the Authorization to send your Window Treatment in for repair to the manufacturer.
*Warranties vary and are subject to the manufacturer’s repair cost and shipping to and from your home.

Three ways to get your shade to the manufacturer for repair:

  1. Drop it off at our Design Studio, and we will box it and send it in.
  2. Have us pick up the shade ($99 trip charge)
  3. Could you send it in yourself?

* Please note that we do not warranty any work on your shade you have repaired and facilitated by us with any manufacturer. Your warranty is with the manufacturer and retailer from which you purchased your shades.

The Five Musts

When you bring a blind in for repair, it must be:

  • clean
  • stacked tight in the closed position.
  • wrapped up in plastic to protect the shade
  • leave a repair deposit at the store
  • fill out the repair form at the store

Blind Lady Trip & Service Charges

If you prefer to have The Blind Lady Custom Blinds pick up your blind or reinstall it when it comes back, it will cost $99 for each trip. This trip charge includes the trip over and half an hour. Any time spent beyond this ½ hour is billed in 15-minute segments at $25.00 per segment.

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