Woven Wood Roman Shades

Organic materials add a natural warmth to your home with a variety of materials:  Wood, Grasses and Reeds. Try either the traditional Roman Shade or the Waterfall Roman Shade for your home.  Add design elements of banding or valances to personalize your style.

Style and quality are important elements in these shade’s design.  Modern techniques are employed by Hunter Douglas Provenance® Woven Wood Shades to grant superb quality.  Hunter Douglas’s weaving techniques are engineered to minimize typical woven wood issues such as stretching, bowing and breaking.  

Unique Features

  • Modern sleek headrail available in Provenance® Woven Wood Shades.  This headrail grants the availability for these shades to operate with several operational options.
  • Vertical Draperies to match your woven wood shades are also available to complete the look of your room on both doors and windows with the same material.
  • Independent operable liners are available giving you the best of both worlds.  Or add attached liner with light-filter or room-darkening liners options.

Woven Wood Vertical Drapery

Whether your style is traditional or contemporary the hand-woven organic wood weaves compliment any room.  Moving left to right, the vertical orientation of these treatments, make these treatments perfect for patio doors or large windows.  Organic materials of wood, grasses and reeds are used to create various light-weight patterns and weaves.

Depending upon the openness of the weave and your desired privacy level and light control, the treatment can be designed with or without a liner.    An open weave during the day will diffuse the light, cut the glare of the sun, allow you to see out, but not necessarily allow your neighbors to see in.  However, if you need privacy at night you will need a liner on this treatment.   A privacy liner during the day does allow a better inside view of the color and the texture of the treatment weave.  

Unique Features

  • Roman Shades may be fabricated to match your Vertical Drapery.  This affords you the same material from doors to windows giving you a consistent clean look.
  • Hem lines on the Provenance® Woven Wood Vertical Draperies are finished with coordinating banding giving a superior look and quality compared to other brands.  
  • These treatments are available unlined, with privacy liner, or with an opaque liner.
  • Liners will add to the R-Value of the treatment in the winter keeping your home warmer.  And of course, cooler in the summer months.

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