Vertical Window Treatment Options

There are a variety of types of window treatments that work well when treating a door or a wide window.

These treatments generally run vertically, allowing maximum functionality for your door or wide window. 

  • Honeycomb shades
  • Sheer Window Shadings 
  • Woven Wood
  • Vertical Blinds

Honeycomb Vertiglide™

Coordinate your honeycomb horizontal window shades with the Vertiglide® by Hunter Douglas. This cordless side-to-side shade is perfect for patio doors and sliding windows. When open, the side stack is only 6 ½”, giving maximum openness and the least intrusive stack available in any vertical treatment.

Offering the same extensive fabric line as its counterparts, Duette® and Applause® honeycomb shades, the selection of textures, colors, and prints is vast. The Vertiglide™ feature offers the same benefits as the horizontal shade.

Unique Features

  • The Honeycomb Vertiglide is an excellent treatment for large windows.
  • Coordinate all window and door openings with the same fabric using horizontal honeycomb shades the Vertiglide™.
  • Acoustically favorable, this fabric can absorb 70% of the sound on the room’s interior and reduce outside noise.
  • TruePleat™, a patented fabric process, retains the shape of the pleats without stretching.
  • Three size pleats are available in this fabric collection:  1 ¼”, ¾,” and 3/8”.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Expansive views, diffused sunlight, and gorgeous soft fabric compliments any home. Gentle rays of sunlight enter through the sheer fabric diffusing and dispersing natural light. Luminette® Privacy Sheers offer precision light control in translucent or room-darkening vanes, rotating to provide 180 degrees of light control.

Durable yet beautiful, sheer fabric stands up to the harsh UV rays protecting your furniture, art, and flooring from those UV-damaging rays. With the tilt of a wand, close, open, and angle the vanes for maximum view and privacy.

Unique Features

  • Sizes up to 192″ wide by 120″ tall with a single panel offer a spectacular view.
  • Fabric vanes are available in light-filter or room-darkening choices.
  • The Whole House Solution™ allows a combination of Hunter Douglas treatments to enhance any design plan.
  • Operational controls are child and pet safe.
  • Finished hardware adds to the beautiful look of the product.

Woven Wood Vertical Drapery

Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, the hand-woven organic wood weaves complement any room. Moving left to right, the vertical orientation of these treatments makes them perfect for patio doors or large windows. The organic materials used are wood, grasses, and reeds. The natural materials create various lightweight patterns and weaves.

Depending upon the openness of the weave and your desired privacy level and light control, options of liner or no liner are available. An open weave during the day will diffuse the light, cut the glare of the sun, and allow you to see out, but not necessarily allow your neighbors to see in your window. However, if you need privacy at night, you will need a liner on this treatment.   A privacy liner during the day allows a better inside view of the treatment weave’s color and texture.  

Unique Features

  • Hunter Douglas offers Roman Shades to match your Vertical Drapery. The Whole Home Solution provides the same material from doors to windows giving you a consistently clean look.
  • Coordinating banding on the Hemlines on the Provenance® Woven Wood Vertical Draperies provides a superior look and quality compared to other brands.  
  • These treatments are available unlined, with a privacy liner or an opaque liner.
  • Liners will add to the R-Value of the treatment in the winter, keeping your home warmer. And, of course, cooler in the summer months.

Vertical Blinds

A Mid-West tradition on a patio door still currently used in many homes, vertical blinds are much more than meets the eye.  This treatment is a “modern” design, reaching back into a mid-century modern design that is currently so popular.  With great enthusiasm, one of the first window treatment styles to launch in the 1970s, this was more expensive than custom drapery.

In today’s material selection, vertical blinds offer a high-quality PVC (doesn’t sound glamorous, but wait until you see the choices!) or woven fabric.  The vinyl provides room-darkening light control, or you select fabric vanes for light-filtering properties.  Open the treatment as a drapery with a center split or one-way stack for maximum operation function.  Maximize light control by tilting the vanes to direct light.

Unique Features

  • Vertical Blinds can direct the light to the left or right.
  • You can use fabric with channel panel vanes for room-darkening superpowers.
  • Hunter Douglas offers on-trend colors, finishes, and textures.
  • Child-safe controls are available.
  • Green-Guard is certified free from VOC gas emissions.  

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