Zebra Shades-Banded Shades-Transitional Shades

This innovative window treatment has three popular names: zebra shade, banded shade, and transitional shade. Whatever the name, this is a contemporary solution for view-through, light control, and privacy. It combines the roller shade and sheer shading into one beautiful treatment.

This shade offers you privacy when you need it and sheer fabric diffusion of light when you demand it. Or, at a moment’s notice, adjust the window treatment to give the view that you want.

The shade is a “stripe” of sheer, a “stripe” of fabric, a “stripe” of sheer, and so on. That is why I like to call it the zebra shade. A single piece of alternating sheer and a solid band of fabric loops at the bottom create a double layer of fabric in the windows. The fabric bands transition when you raise and lower the shade. Giving various viewing options versus total privacy or retracting the material into the fabric-covered cassette headrail for an open window view.  

Unique Features

  • The gorgeous fabric collection offers different band heights, numerous colors, textures, and geometric patterns in light-filtering or room-darkening options.
  • Shades retreat into a fabric-covered cassette headrail.

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