Silhouette® Window Shadings

Invite the great outdoors inside. Softly contoured fabric vanes suspended between the front and sheer rear fabrics give a full view of the outdoors while diffusing light and offering daytime privacy. Desire privacy at night? Just close the vanes.

Save your art, flooring, and furniture from UV rays’ harsh, damaging effects with these shadings. When these shadings are down with the vanes open, they protect your home from 88% of the UV rays. When the vanes are closed, 99% of the UV rays are stopped.

Unique Features

  • Fantastic fabric assembled, showing a variety of textures and considerable depth of colors. The Alustra® collection of materials is also available from The Blind Lady™.
  • Duolite® Silhouette® shadings offer all the pluses of the Silhouette® shading but with the added enhancement of an independently operated roller shade that retracts from the headrail. No need for two sets of brackets and two separate shades.
  • Silhouette® Clearview® shadings are constructed with a combination of front and back sheers to maximize your outdoor view. (Note the UV protection is diminished compared to the standard Silhouette® fabric collection.)
  • The anti-Moiré fabric construction allows for a better view-through when the vanes are open. The sheer fabric does not distort the view.

Silhouette® Window Shadings and Nantucket™ Shades Differences 

  • Silhouette® window shadings have a more extensive selection of textures and colors.  
  • The Silhouette® window shading is woven polyester with the texture woven into the fabric, While the Nantucket™ fabric is a non-woven bonded polyester in which any texture is silk-screened on the fabric. 
  •   The Silhouette® offers a larger view between the vanes because the vane fabric is stiffer than the Nantucket™.
  • The Silhouette® window shadings have three different vane sizes:  2″ original, 3″ for a larger view, and the 4″ Quartette® for maximum view.

Silhouette Window Shadings & Nantucket Window Shadings with UltraGlide Wand Control.

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