Honeycomb LightLock™

LightLock Duette

Curing annoying light seepage, The LightLock™ system created by Hunter Douglas is an innovative concept. Light creeps around the fabric in an inside mount room-darkening shade, escaping around the side edges of the shade, and it can now be dealt with effectively. Innovative U-shaped side channels and a bottom channel with a black-ridged interior absorb light from all angles, leaving rooms nearly dark.  

Duette® honeycomb fabrics are available in many colors and textures to work with maximum design options for this treatment. It is available with either PowerView® automation or hand-operated cordless LiteRise® lifting systems.  

Unique Features

  • LightLock™ exterior channels are available in three colors:  Aspen White, Gardenia White, or Bronze.
  • Top-down/bottom-up is available with the PowerView® option.
  • The Duette® Architella® is engineered to trap air in 3 pockets of fabric. An energy membrane inside the honeycomb shade creates insulation against the elements.  

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