Pirouette® Window Shadings

Clean.  Bold.  Modern.  

Pirouette® Window Shadings feature soft contoured fabric vanes attached to a single sheer fabric backing.   No obstructing cords or tape with the Invisi-Lift™ system offers an optima view through your window shading to the outdoors.  

Floating vanes provide precise light control:  Open the vanes for full light.  Close the vanes for complete privacy.  Or position the vanes anywhere in between.   Up to 81% of harmful UV rays are blocked when the vanes are in the open position.   And 99% of the UV rays are stopped with the vanes closed, protecting your artwork, furniture and flooring.

Unique Features

  • Inspired fabrics with a wide array of colors and textures offer the best in design.  The Blind Lady™ offers the Alustra® curated collection of fabrics along with the base line fabric collection.
  • The new Clear View-Through Window Shadings transform light in a gentle glow, while providing maximum view through the sheer backing fabric.
  • Available in light-filtering or room-darkening vanes.

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