Drapery Panels

Create luxurious custom drapery or stationary drapery panels. We offer yards of unique and incredible fabrics.


  • Full Drapery closes and opens, covering the entire window. Hang drapery panels using a decorative rod with finials, a traditional traversing rod, or a traveling wand in a ripple fold style or decorative track.
  • Stationary Side Panels accent your window or other window treatment by adding color, texture, and style to the room. These panels are mounted on each side of the window and do not move. They can either be mounted on a board or designed with decorative poles and finials.
  • We offer accents for added style to your chosen fabric
    • Banded with an accent or complimentary fabric.
    • Available in a vertical inset or leading edge with cording, beads, or gimp.
    • Added accents: swags 
    • Tied-back using the cord, fabric banding, and architectural features.

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