Custom Top Treatments

Beautiful custom top treatments come in several styles and variations. Go for a clean sleek look or add trim, gimp and drama to the design.  Select from literally thousands of fabrics to find your own style and design.  The Blind Lady has the expertise to create a treatment you will love.


  • Cornices are fabric upholstered boards, either straight or shaped in their design.  Great for a fabric pattern that needs to be seen in its entirety.  Accent with a welt on the edges, trim with beads or gimp, or add a cascade of accent or matching fabric.
  • Board Valance Treatments are in a huge variety of styles and custom accents.  Crisp pleats, a straight design, fabric swagged, cascades of accent or matching fabric, trim it with fringe or gimp…  or better yet create a design using a combination of elements.  That’s what The Blind Lady can do for you!  These treatments because they are board-mounted, once hung and dressed, literally can be ignored without muss or fuss.
  • Throw Swags are “scarves” of fabric that can be combined with a variety of hardware, poles, finials and other architectural features.  The Blind Lady uses a mathematical formula to create and dress your throw swags.  

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