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Take advantage of the twenty plus years of experience that The Blind Lady has in the window covering industry. This experience in combination with all the knowledge accumulated in seminars and formal education revolving around window treatments and interior design gives you a great reference point in making decisions in your personal design. Here are a few hints to help you make the best choices when you are choosing your window treatments and avoid some common pitfalls.



  • 2019 Sherwin Color of the Year is Cavern Clay. This color adds a warmth to any room. Punctuate the modern neutrals with a pop of color, to include Cavern Clay. It’s color #7701 and there are some great accent colors that will work really well with this color.
  • Neutrals either can work well in a monochromatic room setting (monochromatic is the use of one color with different values of the color used throughout the room. Shades, tones and tints are used to create layers in the room) or can be the backdrop of a variety of accent colors. Grey has been on the scene for about ten years, which has evolved in “Greige.” Greige is a warm grey, which combines grey and beige together. Starting to ease back into the neutrals we have a resurgence of beige. Design always comes full circle
  • Always, and I mean always view your fabric choices and colors in natural daylight. Consider the fabric with the light playing through it; consider how it will look in the evening without light filtering through it and your lamplight shining on the face of the fabric. Remember, the type of bulbs you use greatly affects the color in the evenings.
  • Don’t be afraid of color. Sometimes I met clients who think that they should go “neutral” because then they can keep their window treatments when they change other elements in the room. If you have just purchased new furniture, new carpet, or new accessories and redesigned the look of your room believe you me, when it comes time to change the design in five, ten, or however many years you will also change your window treatments. So, select a color that achieves what you want in your overall design. Please, I am begging you, don’t select white or cream shades because they go with everything. They really don’t.
  • The key to great design is great function! When you are selecting your new window treatments or any other design element it is important that the design elements look great. But don’t forget that unless the window treatment is for style only, it is key that the treatment meet some basic functions. Consider privacy, air flow, light control, kids? pets?, and how it will be used in the space. If it doesn’t work properly and doesn’t fit the function of your lifestyle you may grown to regret your decision to include this element in your design.
  • Use a professional. Until I started to study and work consistently in the window treatment industry I didn’t realize what I didn’t know. Wow! Is there ever a lot to know. Window treatments, just as other elements of design are an investment. When you seek the services of a design professional they can help you avoid costly mistakes. Plus, create a space that you will love! Just make sure that the person who identifies themselves as a professional actually is a professional. Ask about their credentials and ask to see their portfolio.
  • Go forth and design… don’t allow yourself to become paralyzed. There are many choices and sometimes it can become OVERWHELMING! But you need to take a first step. Make your first decision and the second, and then the third. It just keep getting easier. And when in doubt call us!



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