Motorization & Lifting Systems

Lifting or Operational Systems are how you move your window shades and blinds up and down or side to side. There are a wide variety of systems available, from window treatment to window treatment, with the availability of the system determined by the width, length, and square footage of the blind or shade selected.

Smart Home Living with Motorized Blinds

Live well with Motorized Smart Shades from The Blind Lady Custom Blinds and Hunter Douglas Window Fashions. Bluetooth® technology offers real-time, two-way communication between your motorized shades and motorized blinds with the Powerview® system. This award-winning system sets the bar for custom window treatment motorization and automation.

Operate your motorized shades and motorized blinds with ease.

  • Push a button from your Hunter Douglas Pebble remote control.
  • Set an automated scene with a FREE App and let your shades move without a thought.
  • A scene is a predetermined shade level that is created by you for any given room(s) based on your lifestyle.
  • Use your smart device to move your WIFI motorized shades.
  • Or Voice command shade movement with your smart home automation system.
  • Soft-Touch® Wand. Just a gentle touch, either by pulling down or pushing up on the wand, raises and lowers your shade. Stop the wand anywhere within the window; the shade gives you as much or as little view as you choose. Available in battery-operated or hard-wired systems.

Have your shades just the way you want them.

  • Convenient battery-operated motorized shades. Either is available with a battery wand that uses 12 AA Alkaline
    batteries to power your shade. Or choose the rechargeable battery wand, which is environmentally friendly and UL Certified. Both options give you about 1 year’s usage before a recharge or battery replacement is needed.
  • No Electrician needed or messy construction needed to wire this motorized system is necessary.
  • Plug-in power supply with existing power sources.
  • Or hard-wired for electric shades when you are remodeling or building your home.

Window treatments at your bidding!

  • Keep your kids safe! No lifting cord makes this option far safer than exposed lifting cords.
  • Instead of a jarring wake-up with your alarm, wake gently as the sun greets you when your automated shades open at your command.
  • Chase the sun. Open and close your window treatments by design with your Hunter Douglas App, setting the scenes as the sun moves around your home. This offers maximum energy efficiency: keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Sunrise. Sunset. Use your automated system to raise your shades at sunrise and close your shades at sunset.
  • Raising and lowering your shades with automated settings will add to your security and peace of mind as you travel. They won’t know you are absent because your shades are moving, opening, and closing as they do when you are home.
  • Is the sofa in the way of your window? It’s easy and convenient to operate your custom motorized blinds. No need to jump up on your furniture to open your shades. Just press a button on your pebble remote control, and your shade raises and lowers.
  • Voice-controlled shades assist those folks who are mobility compromised to live independently in their home. A wheelchair or walker won’t keep your loved ones from enjoying the view or letting the sunlight.

Motorized Control Choices

  • PowerView® Automation. Operate your shades with your tablet, smartphone, or stylish pebble remote control. Plus, move your shades according to the schedules that you set with your free Hunter Douglas PowerView® App. PowerView® also works with various smart-home automation systems, allowing you to voice-command your shades.
    PowerView® App. With the touch of a finger, control the movement of your shades. Literally, move your shades on your touch screen with this App.
  • PowerView® Remote Control. Ergonomically designed, this stylish hand-held remote control gives you the power to move your shades. The remote control overrides scenes that have been set up to accommodate a moment’s
    notice. If you are prone to losing your remote or want a different tool, just use our surface-mount remote control. Mounted on the wall, tile, or wood, this remote works great at the top of the stairs, the kitchen, or the bath.
  • PowerView® Gateway. This unobtrusive, stylish device integrates systems between your shades and other manufacturers’ automation systems, allowing you to voice-command your shades through your smart home automation system. The Gateway also acts as a range extender in larger homes, providing the best experience for shades in multiple rooms.

“You’ve Got the Power”

Battery-Operated Power Options

  • Alkaline Battery Wand. Change the batteries without removing your window treatment from the window. This pack mounts at the top of the window with about a one-year battery life.
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack. Battery life is approximately 1 year. Two charging options are available.
  • The dual charging station charges two wands simultaneously in about 2 to 2 ½ hours. The pack is easily removed from the shade power connector and placed in the battery charger.
  • Single Charger lets you recharge your battery wand while still in the window. No need to remove the battery pack with this charger. Charging cable length comes in 3’,12’, or 13’lengths, charging your battery in about 2 hours.
  • C-Size Satellite Battery Wand. This wand mounts to the wall or window sill. This gives you a battery life of approximately 3 years but is not as unobtrusive as other battery wands.
  • Satellite Battery Pack is an option for most PowerView® motorized shades. Just plug it in. The 18V DC Power supply is the standard motorized system traversing PowerView® treatments. It plugs into any standard household outlet.
  • Hard-wired 16 Shade DC Power Supply. An electrician is required to run the wiring to the PowerView® supply box and then to your home’s electrical system. One of these units powers up to 16 shades. More shades can be added to your project with another power supply box. Great for new construction or remodels where the walls are open to the studs, and your electrician can easily access the walls to run the wire.

Choose Which Motorized System is Right for You

Select the best system for your lifestyle and home. View this comparison chart for more information.

PowerView® Automated Motorization

Voice command your shades to operate. Or, with the push of a button on your pebble remote control, move your shades. Or use the room scene app to manage your shades remotely with your smart device. Convenient battery-operated motorized shades offer you practical functions with the latest technology.

The PowerView® Hub, Gen 2

This sleek, stylish accessory enables your shades to talk to your home device to operate the shades or grants access to the PowerView® app on your smart device to create automated scenes that work your shades.


The hand-operated cordless operational system makes raising and lowering shades easy. Push to lift or pull down to lower—no operating cords or wands.

UltraGlide ® 

A retractable wand or cord provides a self-lowering feature with a constant wand/cord length. Some treatments offer a convenient “Click and Walk Away” option.


A continuous cord loop system offers simple operation of the largest shades with easy hand-over-hand motion. Mounted with a tensioner for child/pet safety

Traveling Wand or PermAssure® Safety Wand

A hand-operated system is available for vertical moving treatments. With the grasp of the wand, walk the treatment to an open or closed position. When on a traditional vertical blind, this wand also acts to rotate the vanes.

Cord & Wand Control

There are two options available depending on the treatment type.  

  1. The cord is tethered to the wand for maximum safety. The cord traverses the fabric on a Luminette® Privacy Sheer, and the wands rotate the vanes.
  2. Cord and Tilt Wand has a continuous cord mounted for safety that traverses the vanes on the track. The tilt wand rotates the vanes.


Extending the perfect balance between privacy and natural light with airflow, Top-down/Bottom-up is available on many treatments. This feature allows the shades to be raised from the bottom, lowered from the top in some treatment types, or a combination of both. 

Available with cordless options:  LiteRise® and Powerview® Automated Motorization. Or available with corded/wand options where there is a wand on each side of the shade. One control moves the bottom rail, and the other control moves the middle rail.  

Your Child’s Safety is my Utmost Concern!

There are many choices when considering the safety options for your children. The number one selected upgraded option is the cordless blind or shade for child safety. Technically speaking, it does have cords in many cases, but they are not accessible. The cords are located inside the blinds.

The following products are available in a cordless format:
• Honeycomb • Roller Shades • Vignette Shades • Silhouette Shades • Woven Wood Roman Shades • Wood Blinds • Aluminum Blinds

What’s right and what’s wrong about this photo?

What’s Right? The cord appears to be raised high and secured for the safety of the children in this house. However, the safety of this window treatment depends upon human action every day.

What’s Wrong? This shade could have been ordered as either cordless or with a continuous cord and then mounted for safety. These two options are safe when mounted and applied correctly by a professional.

When you meet with The Blind Lady, ask about how we can assist you in making your home a safer environment for your children and grandchildren by using the correct window treatment options.

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