Lifting Systems

Lifting or Operational Systems are the technology that moves your shades up and down or side to side. There are a wide variety of systems available from treatment to treatment with the availability of the system determined by the width, length and square footage of the blind or shade selected.

PowerView® Automated Motorization

Voice command your shades to operate.  Or with the push of a button on your pebble remote control move your shades.  Or use the room scene app to operate your shades remotely with your smart device.  Convenient battery-operated motorized shades offer you practical function with the latest technology.

The PowerView® Hub, Gen 2

This sleek stylish accessory enables your shades to talk to your home-device to operate the shades or grants access to the PowerView®app, on your smart device to create automated scenes that operate your shades.


Hand-operated cordless operational system that makes raising and lowering shades easy.  Simply push to raise or pull down to lower.  No operational cords or wands.

UltraGlide ® 

A retractable wand or cord provides a self-lowering feature with a constant wand/cord length.  Some treatments offer a convenient “Click and Walk Away” option.


A continuous cord loop system offers simple operation of the largest shades with easy hand-over-hand motion.  This cord loop is mounted with a tensioner for child/pet safety.

Traveling Wand or PermAssure® Safety Wand

Hand-operated system available on vertical moving treatments.  With the grasp of the wand, walk the treatment to an open or closed position.  When on a traditional vertical blind this wand also acts to rotate the vanes.

Cord & Wand Control

There are two options available dependent upon the treatment type.  

  1. The cord is tethered to the wand for maximum safety.  The cord traverses the fabric on a Luminette® Privacy Sheer and the wands rotates the vanes.
  2. Cord and Tilt Wand has a continuous cord mounted for safety that traverses the vanes on the track.  The tilt wand rotates the vanes.

Standard Cord Lock 

Original system where the treatments are moved by releasing a mechanism called a cord lock directly with the cords. The cord moves through the cord lock raising and lowering the blind, with the cords shortening and lengthen to accommodate the movement. This system is available on limited Hunter Douglas treatments. Break-away tassels are standard to this system for safety. I do not recommend this system. All treatments offer a much safer alternative than the cord lock system.  


Extending the perfect balance between privacy and natural light with air flow, Top-down/Bottom-up is available on many treatments. This feature allowing the shades to be raised from the bottom, lowered from the top of in some treatment types, a combination of both. 

Available with cordless options:  LiteRise® and Powerview® Automated Motorization. Or available with corded/wand options where there is a wand on each side of the shade. One control moves the bottom rail and the other control moves the middle rail.  

Your Child’s Safety is my Utmost Concern!

There are many choices when considering the safety options of your children. The number one selected upgraded option is the cordless blind or shade for child safety. Technically speaking it does have cords in many cases, but they are not accessible, the cords are located inside the blinds.

The following products are available in a cordless format:
• Honeycomb • Roller Shades • Vignette Shades • Silhouette Shades • Woven Wood Roman Shades • Wood Blinds • Aluminum Blinds

What’s right and what’s wrong about this photo?

What’s Right?… The cord appears to be raised high and secured for the safety of the children in this house. However, the safety of this window treatment depends upon human action every day.

What’s Wrong?… This shade could have been ordered as either a cordless shade or with a continuous cord and then mounted for safety. These two options are safe when mounted and applied correctly by a professional.

When you meet with The Blind Lady ask about how we can assist you in making your home a safer environment for your children and grandchildren by using the correct window treatment options.

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